Katarzyna Sikora

Founder of the company Enso Group and Partnership Director of South West department, 9 years of project management experience, including Erasmus projects, governmental and commercial projects. Expert and at the same time passionate in european project management, consulting and delivery as well as in human resources management.

Organized and consulted more than 150 projects between 2009-2017.

In project ”Flip the Space and open your mind: learning teachers for teaching to learners” coordinate and supervise the project as a whole, deals with the whole documentation and budget as well as preparation of final reports and keeps the terms of the contract.

Magdalena Nowak

Co-ordinator of the project  ”Flip the Space and open your mind: learning teachers for teaching to learners”, joined to ENSO Group in 2017 as a Project coordinator assistant, one of the company’s representatives in Italy.

Graduated in Katowice School of Economics at faculty of Tourism and Recreation at the bachelor level and  Management and Marketing at the  master degree. In 2016 completed 220 hours course “European project’s expert”.

Since then volunteer in the Human Rights Youth Organization in Palermo, where made her first steps in writing projects and their implementations.

In this project dealt with the preparation of documentation and agreed on the terms of the project.

The main Italian contact: Istituto Gesù Nazareno Scuola Maria Ausiliatrice in Rome. Founded on traditional Catholic, Salesian values the school includes nursery school, primary school, middle school and high school. Fully integrated into the  Italian curriculum with approach which empowers students and allows them  to become citizens of the world and equips them with vocational skills in a multicultural context.

Anna Wieczorek

Ania has joined Enso at the end of 2016 and has over 10 years of experience in managing EU funded
projects and programmes. She has organised programmes before and applied for funding sending British
students on work experience to Italy and Greece.
Her role in this project is to organise meetings with educational institutions in Helsinki and Tallin who take
part in Flipped Learning Model. She will stay with both of the groups throughout the project and will
manage all the meetings and logistics to make sure both programmes are run smoothly.