Project ”Flip the Space and open your mind: learning teachers for teaching to learners.” 17-23 October 2017 in Helsinki will take place the first part the project ”Flip the Space and open your mind: learning teachers for teaching to learners” of the school Istituto Gesù Nazareno Scuola Maria Ausiliatrice in Rome in partnership with Enso Group. The destination was chosen not without any reason, as finnish system of teaching is very well known worldwide as a very innovative and modern in comparison with other countries. In today’s world, where growing development and constant changes often dominate our lives, pedagogy and teaching practices must develop accordingly. During last four decades Finland created the best system teaching in the world and adopted many revolutionary teaching techniques. One of those techniques is a model of flipped classroom, where the traditional teaching approach has been replaced by a flipped classroom model, which makes the teaching process more individual. The main concept of flipped classroom approach is literally to turn traditional teaching on ”its head”. It happens because traditional teaching methods are inverted by using electronical devices and delivering materials and videos online, sharing them with students outside of class, and moves homework into the classroom. Therefore the role of teacher is to activate, guide and support students in class. This revolutionary and innovative model of teaching the Istituto Gesù Nazareno Scuola Maria Ausiliatrice in Rome want to introduce in their school, as modern teaching methods with technology have a major motivational effect on learners. By using this method students may developed new skills they will need in fast changing, modern society and working environment.
In order to effectively learn this technique, the project was divided into two parts. In the first part 13 persons – headmaster, administration staff will receive a several visits where they will make observations and study flipped classroom model thanks to world experts in this field like:
– Hanna Björkman, Head of the International Relations, City of Helsinki
– Ken Bauer – Flipped Learning Network
– Eeva Pyörälä – University of Helsinki
– Anni Slid – BCS Koolitus in Tallinn
The second flow will include 8 persons – teachers with different degrees of schooling. It will take place from 1 to 9 November in Helsinki as well. During various visits with representatives of flipped classroom model, through different activities, job shadowing , discussions and presentations they will be able to knowing closer this method, not just in theory but also in practice. The visits will be conducted by experts as:
– Anni Slid – BCS Koolitus in Tallinn
– Ken Bauer, Flipped Learning Network Board Chair
– Hugh Fitzpatrick, Head of Centre, Eira High School for Adults
– Mikka Merikanto meeting in Helsinki Business College
– Merja Ahtikari, Head of Education, Suomen Diakonia Vocational School
Participants will also have an opportunity to get acquainted with Finnish culture and visit the most important objects of interest of Helsinki, Tallinn and Turku.
To disseminate the results of the project Istituto Gesù Nazareno Scuola Maria Ausiliatrice with Enso Group and parties engaged in the project will set up the website, where teachers will be able to write about their expectations, experiences, reflections on the course of the project. The website will be also a tool for maintaining further co-operation of the Istituto Gesù Nazareno Scuola Maria Ausiliatrice and others institutions interested in flipped classroom model.