Aldo Antolini – Me at a glance
Born in May 9th 1971, in Rome where I completed my classical studies degree in 1999. I still live in Rome with my wife and my two children. Working as a teacher of Italian and Classical Literature in the “Maria Ausiliatrice” High School, I like teaching as an experience able to make me sharing values with the young students about the Beauty, the Well and the sense of the human life. This is the reason why I believe in the international chances of training and sharing of knowledge among teachers and people as well.
When travelling I hope to discover in the places I visit, especially around the Europe, a small piece of home and of the common cultural roots

Antonella Verrillo



L’Insegnante della scuola primaria Maria Ausiliatrice di Roma da diversi anni. Appassionata di studi umanistici, mi sono laureata in Lettere presso La Sapienza di Roma. Ho partecipato ad un progetto per le scuole di educazione all’ambiente  organizzato da Ama e frequentato alcuni master, su DSA, italiano L2 e diversi corsi di formazione di ambito didattico



The Teacher of Mary Auxiliary Primary School in Rome for several years. Passionate about humanities, I graduated in Letters at La Sapienza in Rome. I participated in a project for the schools of environmental education organized by Ama and attended some master classes, DSA, Italian L2 and various courses in the field of teaching.

My name is Emanuela Bertoli and I am a teacher of English at Santa Maria Ausiliatrice Upper Secondary School.


I have been teaching English for more than 10 years and I love my job very much. I have developed organizational, time management, interpersonal and leadership skills.


I enjoy engaging with the students. We work a lot in the language lab and I often set research projects to motivate, challenge and inspire my pupils.


I enjoy travelling a lot and regularly travel to England for boh work and pleasure. I have a true passion for English literature and I try to pass this on to my students.

Federica Triglia



Sono un architetto e insegno tecnologia nella scuola secondaria di primo grado dal 2015.

Ho buone capacità organizzative, sono curiosa, affidabile e rivolta al miglioramento. Mi interessano le strategie creative di apprendimento e cooperazione e sono orientata al confronto interculturale.



I’m an architect and I teach technology in first grade secondary school since 2015.

I have good organizational skills, I am curious, reliable and I’m always looking for improvement. I am also interested in creative learning strategies and cooperation and I’m oriented towards intercultural dialogue.

Mila Sangiovanni

I am a tutor of Primary School, a graduate in Letters, with excellent dialectical skills, good relational skills, predisposition to teamwork, a strong sense of responsibility.

I am available to new training experiences to enrich my path of cultural and personal growth.

Nicoletta Barbanera.



I graduated in literary subjects. I’ve been teaching for 25 years in the Salesian school, I am particularly attentive to the educational dialogue. I like to study and deepen everything concern my subjects. Not only professionally, but as a lifestyle.




Sono laureata in materie letterarie, insegno da 25 anni nella scuola salesiana, sono particolarmente attenta al dialogo educativo. Mi piace studiare ed approfondire tutto ciò che riguarda il mio ambito. Non solo dal punto di vista professionale, ma come stile di vita.

Silvia Caprari


Hi everyone! I am Silvia   Caprari. I have been teaching English since the early 90’s.  I consider myself I like a lucky teacher because in those years I had the opportunity to do my teacher training following the footprints of Sr. Catarina Cangià who introduced me to her method of teaching English through drama. Since then I have been directing more than 80 musicals in English and in Italian. I can’t wait to meet other teachers to exchange good practices

I am the manager of the Maria Ausiliatrice School Administration. I have been working in this field for so many years. I’m an optimistic nunI like working with people and especially with young peopleI am delighted to be part of this project

I am a philosophy and history  teacher in the high school  in a Salesian Catholic school in Rome.

I am a Catholic nun ,my aim is  to help young people growing in culture and also to reach a sense of their lives.

I also deal with educational animation in the sport.

I like music, reading, computer science and technology, traveling and learning new ways to stay with young people and using methodologies that are appropriate to their way of life and thinking, because they are protagonists  in learning.

My name is Sister Paola Murru I am a Salesian nun for 34 years, I have worked with young people for almost 30 years, I have taught English for 16 years and I have been a high school principal for 16 years
I have a great passion for education and I love being creative and experimenting with new ways of education.
I love travelling, knowing new places and new cultures!